Unique Aging Process

Hannan meats have introduced a unique dry aging method for Glenarm Shorthorn beef. Their bespoke, humidity and temperature controlled aging chamber, containing a solid wall of Himalayan rock salt bricks results in dry–aged beef with an exceptional flavour. The translucent blocks were imported from mines in the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan’s Punjab region. The health and therapeutic benefits of Himalayan salt have been known for centuries, but its benefits in the dry–ageing of meat are only a recent phenomenon. It creates an aged beef with a purity of flavour not often encountered.

What Hannan Meats say

There is no doubt that building a brand which actually delivers in terms of integrity, tracebility, provenance, exceptional flavour and tenderness, is building for the future.

Glenarm Shorthorn beef is a premium product, made even more special by innovative aging. Having endorsement by top chefs, and high end retailers such as Fortnum and Mason, positions the product firmly at the top end of the market, and away from the commodity end of the market, which is price driven.

Whilst it is difficult to put a value on the brand, should there be a collapse for any reason in the beef market, we believe that Glenarm Shorthorn beef will always command a premium price. Similarly, should beef prices continue to rise which is more likely, the returns for farmers within the scheme will be proportionately even greater.