Glenarm Shorthorn Scheme (NI)

Opportunity for new producers

As demand for the product now outstrips supply there is an opportunity for other farmers, both organic and non-organic, producing quality Shorthorn beef, to market their beef through the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef brand. This product is already being sold principally for its eating quality and to ensure that this continues, any farmers joining the group will be required to fulfil certain criteria to be eligible to sell under this brand. In order to receive a premium price it is essential to have a premium product.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Animals must be bred from a beef cow and a bull approved by Glenarm Shorthorn Beef Scheme. Some pre-existing bulls will be suitable and where this is not possible, A.I. bulls may be required.
  2. Animals must be Farm Quality Assured, to promote the highest standard of animal welfare and husbandry.
  3. Animals will be assessed on farm pre-slaughter by our co-ordinator, to determine if they are of sufficient quality to command the premium.
  4. Animals must be under 30 months of age at slaughter.
  5. Animals must have no more than 3 movements and a minimum of 100 days residence with the finisher.
  6. Animals must be sourced from within Northern Ireland.
  7. Agree that your farm can be inspected by our co-ordinators prior to joining the group.
  8. Agree that animals may be subjected to DNA sampling.
  9. Agree that only quality breeding heifers will be retained and crossed back to a Shorthorn bull.
  10. Cattle must be booked for slaughter at least 30 days before the anticipated slaughter date.
  11. Only steers and heifers will be eligible for the scheme. Bull calves must be castrated within 5 months or younger in line with DAFM animal welfare guidelines.
  12. Max of 2 condemned animals/year insured per finisher
  13. Agree to pay the annual membership fee.

The cattle on Glenarm Estate are reared to best practice, on a high clover, grass based system and the winter housing is of the highest welfare standard. It is important that any farmers joining the group aim to achieve similar standards.

Carcase Citeria

​Carcase Weight: 280-380 KG
Conformation: R or O+
Fat Class: 4L - 4H

Membership Fees

There will be membership fee of £35.00/year.


​Cattle meeting the criteria will be paid 10% more than the standard quoted prices published weekly by Livestock Meat Commission

Payments will be made within 10 working days from slaughter.