Glenarm Irish Shorthorn Scheme

Opportunity for new producers

Glenarm Shorthorn Beef & Hannan Meats from Moira formed a partnership back in 2008. At that time there aspiration was and still is to produce the ‘best’ Beef in the world, providing the consumer with an ‘amazing’ meat eating experience combined with the highest level of confidence possible in the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef product.

Glenarm Shorthorn Beef is a bespoke product which requires a high standard of animal husbandry and skill to produce.

Only suckler farmers and finishers with the same aspirations and who can meet the criteria below, will be accepted into the scheme. In order to receive a premium price it is essential to have a premium product.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Animals must be bred from a beef registered suckler cow and a pedigree/registered Beef Shorthorn Bull. Pedigree to be submitted in advance for GSB approval.
  2. Animals will be assessed on finishing farms pre-slaughter by a trained Glenarm Shorthorn Beef Representative to determine if the animals are correct and suitable for slaughter in order to qualify for the premium.
  3. Animals must have no more than 3 movements and a minimum of 100 days residence with the finisher.
  4. Animals must be under 30 months.
  5. Animals must be Bord Bia Quality Assured and have been afforded a high standard of animal welfare and husbandry.
  6. Animal must be born and reared in Southern Ireland.
  7. Animals will be subject to DNA sampling, (if requested).
  8. Cattle must be booked for slaughter at least 30 days before the anticipated slaughter date.
  9. Farmers & Finishers will be subject to an on farm pre-inspection in order to be considered for the scheme.
  10. Finishers will also be subject to unannounced inspections.
  11. Aim is for closed herds with suitable shorthorn heifers only to be kept for breeding.
  12. Only steers and heifers will be eligible for the scheme. Bull calves must be castrated within 5 months or younger in line with DAFM animal welfare guidelines.
  13. Max of 2 condemned animals/year insured per finisher.
  14. Breeders and finishers to receive yearly updates.

Carcase Citeria

​R+R=R-O+ Fat Class 4L-5
R+R=R-O+ Fat Class 4L-5
280 to 380 kilos
Suitable Cattle payment structure:
(Example only) 360 base + 20c QA + 10% = 4.18 euro kg dead weight.

Contract Finishing/Finisher Purchase

  1. Glenarm Shorthorn Beef will recommend two/three approved beef finishers. Finishers will provide the option for producers to either contract finish the animals on behalf of the producer or to purchase the animals from the producer.
  2. Contract finishing systems/rates will be discussed/agreed with the Glenarm Shorthorn Beef Directors in advance. Please note that the Glenarm Beef Shorthorn Company will not be involved in purchasing negotiations.

Membership Fees

Farmers opting to contract finishing with the finishers will be asked to pay a yearly membership fee of €50 for admin etc.

Animals killed will be subject to a cost of €30 /head for/ commission/admin/marketing and insurances.


Cattle meeting the criteria will be paid 10% more than the standard quoted prices published weekly by Bord Bia

Payments will be made within 10 working days from slaughter.